Play Like a Champion


Today I wanted to talk motivation. As we move into the cool fall weather I am hearing more and more excuses for everything that requires motivation. So the theme today is STOP MAKING EXCUSES!!
Harsh words, I know. But we all find excuses when we don’t see success, or lose sight of what’s important. The article today does a good job making a point of what needs to be done to get things done. I highly recommend you read the article in it’s entirety, but here are the three main points.
1. Stop the Excuses. No, Seriously. Stop.
2. If you blame yourself – success.
3. If you blame everything else – no success. Period.
I cannot say enough about personal responsibility. A common example for not seeing success due to a lack of responsibility is environment. We’ve all been there. “Oh I ate bad last week because”… my friends dragged me out to the bar every night … my significant other didn’t want to cook so we ordered out … all I had was frozen dinners in the freezer etc. etc. etc.
My point is that we all need to stop blaming others and take a hard look why we eat bad or don’t exercise as much as we should. Weather it’s learning to say “no” to your friends once in a while, taking over cooking duties for a while instead of ordering out, or making time in your week to ensure you have actual food around the house, or even admitting that you don’t know what to do or where to start. We spend our entire lives getting to where we are right now, so to see changes we need to take responsibility and make changes, or seek out someone who can help.

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