Being a Protein Pro

Nutritional protein is a HUGE area of research and controversy, so here’s attempt to simplify things.

Today we are talking about protein! The only problem is that the topic of protein is a HUGE area of research. So I will attempt to simplify things as best as I can, but be sure to shoot me an email if you have any specific questions.
What is Protein
Protein consists of chemically bonded amino acids. Many things that we eat contain some form of amino acids ranging from animal products, to plants, and even insects. The ways that proteins are used in the body are far too complex for this post. Simply put, protein and amino acids are the building blocks of life.
Well What Does Protein Do For Me?
Most people are looking to do 2 things. Gain muscle, and lose fat. Well take a guess at what protein does? THAT’S RIGHT! From athletes to couch potatoes high protein diets can promote weight loss and lean mass gains/preservation. (Nerds like me can check out the science herehere, and here)
How Much Protein Should I Eat?
Aside from a few medical conditions, there really is no upper limit to the amount protein you can consume. I’m not saying you should go out and drink 5 protein shakes a day because you can. In fact there is a certain amount of protein that is just right for you. For most people 0.45-0.68g/lb body weight is a good starting point. If you’re looking to find out exactly how much is right for you, feel free to give me a buzz.
Where Should I Get My Protein?
For most people, I recommend getting your protein from your regular diet. However, for most people it is difficult to get enough protein by food alone. Additionally, those are vegan/vegetarian, athletes, and/or want to maximize muscle growth certainly will need supplemental protein intake (Nerd alert). I personally take at least one protein shake per day. I use, and recommend, the SRX brand that we sell at O2 fitness (see me for a 10% discount). However, it’s always important to make an educated decision when choosing you’re supplements. This is why I attached some additional information to this email about the SRX brand.
When Should I Get My Protein?
Morning, noon, and night. Continued consumption of protein increases muscle growth. For most people it’s more important to get enough total protein than it is to worry about when you get it. However, if you absolutely must know, I would suggest having a little protein and carbohydrate before and after a workout.
Bit of a long email today, but I hope you found it useful. For more information check out the well written, and brief, article by linked bellow. Of course you are always free to contact me if you have any questions about today’s topic!

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