How Much Should You Rest Between Sets?

In today’s post is I’m talking about doing nothing.

In today’s post is I’m talking about doing nothing. Well really I’m talking about how much time should you wait between your sets. As you could imagine, it depends on what your goals are. But for most of us the answer is “as little as possible.”
Well the following information is for those of you looking to lose weight and gain muscle. If these aren’t your goals then this information may not be for you. So here are some reasons why 1 minute is the target rest time for most of us.
 – Compared to a 3m rest, 1m rest intervals cost 36% higher energy expenditure!!!
 – The smaller rest time stimulates greater muscle growth which of course is needed to look toned and trim
 – You shorten your overall time training… and who wouldn’t want to do that?!?!
 – This short rest time, and other forms of HIIT have been shown to be way better than spending hours on the treadmill in the “fat burning zone”.

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